Most frequently asked questions

Daily we aim to answer various questions about the sent reminders and our general services. The most frequently asked questions can be found below. These are quickly, expertly and substantively answered by our customer service. For all other questions, please contact our customer service.

Top 5 frequently asked questions


  • How can I pay an outstanding claim I’ve received from CIB?

    CIB offers various methods to pay an outstanding claim.

    • Direct payment via iDeal. You can make direct online transfers using the iDeal payment link stated in our sent e-mails and text messages. Alternatively, you can pay via our website by going to Payment and information found in the menu and selecting Direct payment. Keep your file number at hand!
    • Manuel payment to our account. You may transfer the outstanding amount to account number NL84 RABO 0144 6600 75 in the name of Centraal Invorderings Bureau. State your file number as the payment reference!
    • Payment in cash. Additionally, you can make cash payments at any GWK Travelex branch in the Netherlands.
    • What should I do if I’m unable to pay the full amount before the due date? If you are unable to pay the amount owed in full, you can request a payment arrangement via our website. Go to Payment and information and click the link Payment arrangement.

    For help with setting up a suitable payment arrangement or any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


  • I have a complaint.

    If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your submitted complaint, you can start the complaint procedure at “Klachten Instituut voor Gecertificeerde Incasso Diensten” (KIGID). Before you start the complaint procedure at KIGID, you should consult KIGID to assure the possibility to start the procedure.

    The complaints form is only intended for submitting a complaint about Centraal Invorderings Bureau working ethics whilst handling your case.

    If you have a complaint about a received claim or the content of the invoice, then you must use the objection form to submit an objection.

How did CIB receive my address?

  • Where can I view my personal information?

    You can view your details by logging into your personal page. You can do this with the login details sent to you by post. On your personal page you will find the personal details known to us and more information about your outstanding claim.

  • How did CIB receive my address?

    At the moment the claim has been transferred for collection to Centraal Invorderings Bureau. We obtain the address and other personal details from your creditor. If your address or other personal information is incorrect, we can set up an investigation to match your personal information via data enrichment.

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