Who is CIB?

Centraal Invorderings Bureau is a national debt collection company with its head office in Rotterdam. We work for companies and organizations in all segments. If you have received a letter from Centraal Invorderings Bureau or have been called by us, chances are that you have not paid one or more invoices.

We are there to help you.

Financial hardship can have many causes such as sudden job loss, separation or other private setbacks. An incomplete overview of current expenditure, excessive credit burden, but also a business failure can lead to overdue payments and ultimately to over-indebtedness.

Centraal Invorderings Bureau mediates between you and your creditor(s). Our trained and experienced employees are there to help you find a solution in a financially difficult situation. We achieve this by looking seriously at the cause of your payment arrears, by openly discussing with you and we act in accordance with the rules and standards of the NVI (Nederlandse Vereniging van Gecertificeerde Incasso-organisaties).

Collection Seal (Incasso Keurmerk)

Centraal Invorderings Bureau is a member of the Dutch Association of Certified Collection Companies (NVI). The NVI is the trade association of and for collection agencies. As a member, we must adhere to the guidelines of the Collection Seal. This states what is possible, what is allowed and what is required when performing collection activities. Among other things, this means that we:

  • Properly apply the law and regulations. The Collection Seal offers companies and consumers (organizations) the certainty that the collection is being executed correctly and carefully.
  • Stand for Socially Responsible Collection. The customer is treated with respect. We collect the claim at the lowest possible costs, with the option of paying in installments. High legal costs are avoided as much as possible.

Periodic review

A collection company that is in possession of the Collection Seal must prove that it still meets the requirements. This is tested by an independent external audit committee. The seal therefore obliges the collection company to comply with the rules always and in all cases. We were last certified on October 16, 2018.

For more information we would like to refer you to the website of the NVI or the Collection Seal.

www.incasso-keurmerk.nl and www.nvio.nl

Login at MY CIB.

Via our online portal MY CIB you can immediately view your outstanding amount(s) and immediately make a payment,  request a payment arrangement or submit an objection. We are available from Monday through Thursday by phone from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm and on Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.