Are you facing problems relating to an increasing amount of letters of debt collection agencies and bailiffs, financially instability, psychological pressure and all sort of other problems? We commit to identify a suitable solution according to individual cases so that you don’t have to face it alone.


It is our duty to help you attain a better overview of your finances and your debts. We advise you to fill in the “Income and Expenditure form” on MY CIB or contact one of our trained debt collection employees for further guidance. By logging into the self-service portal MY CIB you will have an overview of your account. You can use the income and expenditure form to see how much you can afford to repay based on your income and outgoings.


Based on the information you provided to the debt collection employee, we will analyse the situation and find a solution for the outstanding claims and other debts. CIB support our customers who find themselves in vulnerable or potentially vulnerable circumstances. We will also be of guidance in case of change in your financial situation due to the loss of income or the passing of a family member.


With regards to the debt problem, we advise you to become self-reliant. Websites such as and provide you with tips and tools about debts. Your neighborhood team and/or “Vraagwijzer” can also guide you with debt help.


Most of the municipalities in The Netherlands provide a helpdesk service for your financial or debt questions. Your municipality can provide you advice on your financial questions. If you do not have any debts they are able to advice you how you can maintain your debt-free status. To see whether this is applicable to you, go to the portal of your municipality.


The City of Rotterdam provides for its residence a free counter namely the “Vraagwijzer” for guidance regarding debt and personal issues. The nearest “vraagwijzer” can be found via:

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